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Pacific  Rim Connections Inc.    is  a  specialty   Consulting    firm    focusing  on   Multilevel  /  Network  Marketing management consulting in  the Pacific Rim Region. For almost  fifteen years, the  founder  Dave Holker  has built a solid   reputation   as   one  of    Asia's  most  trusted   business   consultants.  
Pacific  Rim  Connections  has been operating in Asia since 1997, and  has developed   a   highly   satisfied  niche market of clients in most every country in Asia and across the region including China.

Dave is committed to providing quality service   to  the   Network  Marketing  community.     He   believes,   that    a   reputation   as  an   honest   and  reliable   businessman   known   for making  things  happen,   is   the  recipe for success.

We  "understand Asia"  and have carried out  many projects in most  Asian  countries.    Doing   business  is  different  in  Asia.   Especially  for  market  entry  projects.   It  is vital  to understand  how  different  countries  work, rather than trying to shoe-horn in solutions that work perfectly in the West, but  may need to be adapted to fit  the  regional Asian markets.

Are you excited about the prospect of International  Expansion, but  not  sure  where  to  start?    Too  often,  we   have  seen  companies enthusiastic and willing to expand internationally daunted because of the difficulity  associated  with  "Putting  All  The  Pieces Together"  Pacific   Rim   Connections   provides  you  with   all  of  your  tools necessary to start--Today!

Business opportunities
in the most dynamic emerging market--Asia Pacific Rim Region are beckoning--do not hesitate because you do not know the area.  Consulting assistance, and guidance is available just for you from an experienced team.

We minimize your market-entry costs and risks by providing "One Stop Access" allowing you to easily and cost-effectively establish your presence in the Asia Pacific Region--through a single source--Pacific Rim Connections!

For more information, send us a request on our Contact Us page, or call (801) 234-0943

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